Sunday, October 26, 2008

Was Ancient Chinese Medicine The Map For Modern Treatments?

Some have claimed that ancient Chinese medicine is the precursor to modern, western medical care and the use of botanicals, which continues in Chinese herbal medicine today, was the roadmap on which all modern synthetic drugs have followed into development. While that may be a bit of a stretch even for those with a strong belief in ancient Chinese medicine, the available treatments in the fourth and fifth centuries B.C. was slim at best and non-existent in most places.

Although other cultures such as those in ancient Egypt and India used botanicals and massage therapies for healing, many look at the continued history of ancient Chinese medicine as the path that brought conventional medicine to prominence it enjoys today. Even many of the Chinese physicians are beginning to embrace western methods and synthetic drugs as a supplemental course of action for many illnesses and diseases. However, over 2,000 years ago treatments were trial and error and findings were rarely recorded resulting in many lost treatments options.

As the history of ancient Chinese medicine was recorded it evolved in to a near holistic approach to healing. Believing that every part of the body was designed to work together and in harmony with the environment, treatment methods were developed around that theory.

Everything Must Balance In The End

Many of the theories of ancient Chinese medicine evolved around the belief that all good and bad must balance out and if a person remained ill it was the result of an evil presence. Why the presence was there was subject to interpretation by the physician dealing with the patient and the development of a theory which resulted in a diagnosis. Treatment was aimed at healing the entire person instead of a specific illness, often guided by the theories developed during meetings with the patient.

It was this belief outside evils causing the illness that led many people outside of China to discount the ancient Chinese medicine practitioners and it was not until many of the older beliefs were removed from the diagnostic process that physicians, as well as other civilizations, began to understand the theories behind ancient Chinese medicine.

In some countries the use of ancient Chinese medicine in taking a holistic approach to medical care and treatment has helped reduce their dependency on synthetic drugs and their inherent side effects. In China, modern physicians are mingling conventional medical practices with ancient Chinese medicine to find new cures for many stubborn diseases.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Condom ringtone rocks mobile users

Imagine the expression on the faces of those around you when your mobile suddenly starts buzzing with an unlikely ringtone: “Condom, condom”.

The “Condom a cappella” ringtone features in a new advertisement campaign launched earlier this year, as part of a two-year project of using the mass media to make condom use more acceptable.

The campaign has been produced by the BBC World Service Trust and funded by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) is also using the advertisement to support its condom promotion efforts.

The ringtone, which can be downloaded both via SMS or the website, has gained quite some popularity since its launch - with over 60,000 downloads in the last 12 days.

“Ringtones have become such personal statements that a specially created condom ringtone seemed just the right vehicle to define its user as a sensible person,” Radharani Mitra, creative director of the BBC World Service Trust, said.

“We have always had a strong interactive, response-oriented element in this ongoing campaign. This downloadable ringtone provides yet another opportunity for our target audience to translate the message into an action point.

“The very act of downloading and using this ringtone would have a counter effect on the inhibitions and taboos that can be associated with condoms. And it adds an element of fun and comfort to it,” Mitra added.

The ringtone phase is in five languages - Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Marathi. It is the third instalment of the ongoing condom popularisation campaign.

Condom ringtone rocks mobile users

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Anti Spyware Programs: Your Best Options

is a term that is used to describe any type of technology that aids in the gathering of information about any person or organization without their knowledge and without their consent. This includes data collecting programs that are installed without the user’s knowledge and which is often associated with certain software that displays advertisements, otherwise known as adware.

can make changes on your that can be more than just disruptive it can be damaging as you can misplace or lose files. It can also change your Web browser’s home page, remove your temporary files, and add additional components to your browser that you do not need or want, which can obviously get to be rather frustrating.

Anti Programs

This is where anti programs come into play, as they will help to keep off of your system, and if any does happen to slip past the radar, you will be able to remove it off of your network quickly and easily, as long as you have the right anti program that is.

There are always new and improved anti programs being released onto the market, so it is always a good idea to keep an eye open for what is new and advanced in the world of anti programs. To date however, there are a few anti programs in particular that you should really consider.

Spybot Search & Destroy is one anti virus program that most users have at least heard of before. It is definitely one of the most effective and reputable in the industry, and it known for catching up to 95% of all infections. As well, the SDHelper and TeaTimer functions offered by the program help significantly in terms of keeping downloaded software from being able to root itself onto your drive.

Microsoft Windows Defender is another of the top anti programs, and is actually considered as being even more thorough than the Spybot option. It is included in Windows Vista and free to download, and works well as part of a combination defense, with other similar programs.

McAfee is another very well known name in the anti industry, and in recent tests has actually shown to detect 100% of all infection, making it one of the top choices of anti programs in the world. It is a bit pricier than many other programs like it but well worth the initial cost.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

SpiceJet orders 10 Boeing 737-800s

New Delhi, April 28 (IANS) Budget carrier SpiceJet Saturday said it has placed an order for 10 next-generation 737-800 aircraft with the Seattle-based Boeing Company worth more than $700 million.
The carrier had previously ordered 30 such aircraft over the past two years.
“The 737’s reliability, low operating cost and passenger comfort provide unmatched value for both SpiceJet and its customers,” said SpiceJet board director Bhulo Kansagra.

SpiceJet orders 10 Boeing 737-800s

Monday, October 16, 2006

How Non-profits Can Use Their Web Site To Earn Affiliate Checks

If there is one thing all non-profit organizations need, it's more funding! Everything from rent to uniforms to postage for your newsletter are going up, up, up. And there's always one more piece of expensive equipment you needed yesterday. Calling past contributors can work, so can selling candy and magazines door to door. But have you considered the built-in selling power your organization's web site has? Sure, your site may not rival Google or Amazon for online attention, but I'll bet your site gets far more visitors than you realize. Everyone from your volunteers, to friends and family of members, to community members who saw your work and want to know more are dropping by your group's site. Visitors can range from a few dozen each day to thousands. I'm willing to bet the actual number of visitors you're getting is higher than your first guess. So what's my point? There's money in all those visitors! People who visit non-profit web sites are almost always far more motivated than the visitors most other sites get. YOU stand for a cause, for doing good things in your community. People who are attracted to your organization or appreciate your good work arrive on your site interested, motivated, and ready to help. Surprisingly, all you really have to do is ASK visitors for their assistance and you'll get it. Here's a simple idea that is raising large amounts of cash for non-profits without anyone doing any additional work. Sign your organization up for a few quality affiliate programs. These are agreements where you put a company's banner or link on your site and possibly in your email. When a visitor buys through your link, you get a commission. Unlike the commissions you get selling unbreakable combs, cookies, and the like -- affiliate commissions can be 25% or more of the sales price, and those prices can be quite high. The most powerful affiliate programs are those which pay you month after month. You make one sale and get paid over and over. This unique feature often creates years of contributions from just one sale! Recently companies are realizing just how large the non-profit market is and they're creating programs especially for them. Your site and email can lead your fans to attractive services that sell at a brisk pace. Indeed, you can be a hero to your visitors while literally pulling in funds around the clock. And all this with NO additional work on your part. Affiliate program fundraising is on the rise for non-profits. Make sure you harness this cutting-edge method for your organization.About The Author:Kevin Oglesby is founder of offering super low-priced long distance telephone plans in the US and Canada. He specializes in helping non-profits raise funds through affiliate programs. Get details from his site or contact him at or 1-800-958-2196.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Learn To Protect Your Home Business

Learn To Protect Your Home Business

These days, many Americans are working from home. They’ve started their own home businesses and are enjoying the freedom from a boss, the flexibility of the hours, and the savings on gas costs. Having a home business definitely has its perks; however, having a home business means that you are in charge – of everything. You are in charge of payroll (even if you’re the only one getting paid, you still have to make sure your clients are paying you!), you are in charge of production (even if you’re the only one working, you have to keep yourself motivated!), and you are in charge of your insurance. Many home business owners spend a great deal of time finding individual health insurance policies; even though we are our own employers, we can’t exactly offer ourselves a health benefits package. At the same time, many home business owners are forgetting about purchasing insurance for their home businesses. If you have your own home business, you shouldn’t rely solely on your homeowner’s insurance policy to repair or replace the damages to your home business caused by fires, theft, or any other disaster. Many homeowner’s insurance policies do cover up to a certain amount, but this amount isn’t always what it takes to get your home business up and running again, and if you’re without your home business you’re likely without your paycheck. Depending on your home business and the insurance company from which you purchase your insurance, you have three main options. You can add an endorsement onto your current homeowner’s insurance policy, you can purchase an in-home business policy, or you can purchase a busniessowner’s policy. Each of these policies is specialized for the size and type of home business you have. If you haven’t yet insured your home business, or are relying solely on your homeowner’s insurance policy, contact an insurance agent to discuss how you can best insure your home business.About The Author:

Learn To Protect Your Home Business